Looking for Mayflash Replacement Stick

So I’ve had the Mayflash F500 arcade stick for awhile now and am looking to replace the joystick in it as it feels too loose to me. I know Sanwa parts are considered good replacements but there is still a selection to choose from there. If it helps there is a SF2 arcade at my local barcade where the stick feels just right so I’m looking for something similar to that. Anyone have any recommendations for good replacements from the defualt Mayflash?

Sanwa JLF! The JLF is the town whore of Arcade standard sticks for a reason. It’s well-rounded goodness is the easy choice you can’t go wrong with. Just put a new one in there.

You mentioned local Arcade with SF2 cab? You mean like a Happ stick? Well you could effectively transform a JLF into a happ by replacing the Ball top with a Bat top, replacing square gate with Octo or circle gate, and putting a harder spring into it. Easy stuff.

So this is the stick you would recommend? The SF2 cabinet does have a Bat top style stick. I already have the octo gate that came with the Mayflash installed so I’m covered there. As for a spring though I’m not sure how different a 2 lb and 4 lb spring are. I don’t suppose you would know what feels closer to the SF2 Championship edition cabinet?

^^ Awww yeah. I’d know that town whore from anywhere lol. Yup, thats the famous JLF.

I dunno about spring strength though. Springs are pretty cheap, so i’d buy and try both. But are you really looking for a “American/Happ” feeling stick? Or do you just want to replace your current stick in the Mayflash 500 with a Quality one? If thats the case, a regular, stock JLF will do the trick. Should be very easy to change out. Also don’t throw away the balltop and washer/shaft cover on your current stick. As those can be reused on your new JLF.

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Okay so I got my parts and am ready to make the replacement. I’m a little confused on the wiring harness and where it connect on the Mayflash F500 though. I got the 5 pin female wiring harness and after watching a video on the F300 it seems there should be a connector right next to the up, down, left, right connectors where the new harness should hook up but that is not there on the F500. It looks like there is a connector right underneath the buttons that may work so is that where the harness for the JLF goes?

Nevermind I got it figured out. It is a huge improvement from the default Mayflash F500 stick. The 4 lb spring might be a bit much for me but I’ll have to test out a few games and see since I use this for more than just fighting games. I guess my next step would be to upgrade the buttons inside but I’ll save that for another time since I don’t really have a problem with the default ones.

Oh, the Mayflash 500 doesn’t already have Sanwa parts? I thought it did.

As for the buttons? If they’re identical sanwa “snap-in” clones, that’s also easy to change. My advice though: Those Snap-in buttons clip in a little too good sometimes, and can be a pain in the ass to remove. When you’re ready to change out the clone buttons, i say save yourself the headache, get a screwdriver and just push/break the clips in all the way. They’ll fall right out.

As for parts? Focusattack.com and Paradisearcadeshop.com are good.

Edit: Also if you like blue buttons? Stay the hell away from the “Dark Blue”. Those things are a shade or two away from being PURPLE. Either get the Light “Candy” Blue buttons, or the Marine Blue/Royal Blue ones.