Looking for mid level vipers to practice with. PSN

Hello I am an akuma player and I am looking to try and find other people to play with and improve my skill.

I don’t get much practice against any characters other than ryu, ken or akuma and was wondering if there are any viper players who would like to play some matces and maybe learn the match-up a little better.

As far as skill goes I am still a noob and I have only really won 4 g3 championships with around 20 runner-up finishes(not really sure these stats mean anything but figured it would help).

If you would like to play some matches just add me on psn or post here with your psn so I can add you sometime.

Btw I live on the east coast in Maryland just for connection purposes.

Added you. If you’re still a beginner I can give you practice against almost the whole cast. My mains are Viper and Ryu but I play almost every character to a fairly good level.



add me. i’m looking for some viper mirror matches to battle some of hawaii’s best viper players

Add me, too. I’ve only been using Viper for a week, but I’m quickly getting the hang of it.

(My other main is Akuma, if anyone was curious.)

I’ll add ya, I’m kind of iffy with the Akuma match-up myself and could use some practice!

I’m a completely terrible Viper player, feel free to add me!

feel free to add me…im looking at getting better with viper