Looking for modder in the leeds area UK

Hey guys, im looking for a modder who can dual mod a hitbox for me (i have the pcb from a xbox 360 fight pad by mad catz) i have had a look around the site and in the modders section there are only two people down for the UK, both of which are london and a bit out of my way (i have spoken with them and mailing doesnt seem like a good idea for them and said i should look for someone close to me). I usually dont make threads but i was hoping i could find someone in or around the Leeds area in the UK (or even Kettering area) that can do dual mods :). Thanks guys!

I’m around Sheffield if that’s any good. You should probably have posted this in the trading outlet though.

Ah right i wasnt sure really where to post it :confused: cause its about modding but at the same time like you said im looking to pay someone to mod the stick. Sheffield works good for me thats not to far on the train :slight_smile: did you want me to PM you with what i want doing and we can discuss pricing and such and if you are ok to do it :)?

Still havent found someone yet :frowning: if there are any modders in the area of leeds, huddersfield willing to help dual mod a hitbox for me or even elsewhere in the UK that doenst mind me sending the hitbox and fightpad via royal mail recorded (i can pay for return postage to) please let me know obvioussly i will pay for services to.

I’m not sure if this is in the correct place or if it should be in trading if it needs moving please do so or i can re make a thread if asked.

Thanks! :smiley:

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