Looking for Modder, or Fightsticks in Arizona!


Arizona seems to be dead, im trying to get a cthulu installed with a gamecube compatibility. Also looking to buy another stick for my pops show me what you got!


Hey man hit me up at 6236281801


Available immediately:
PS3 - Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition Joystick (IL upgraded stick and buttons)
PS3 - Hori HRAP3 SA (NAUSB port, seimitsu buttons & LS56 stick)
PS3 - Hori FightStick V3 (bluetooth/wired - Gummowned sixaxis padhack)
360 - Madcatz Brawlstick (Pink seimitsu bubbletop, pink sanwa buttons)


Ps3 round 2 like new 60 plus shipping
mlg white sides aluminum bat top 65 plus shipping im in california


hey papito do you ship?


if not what part of cali are you in?