Looking for modder to dual mod a 360 controller for PS3


Have come to realize i am simply not a stick person as much as i’ve tried to be one. I know the dual mod for a 360 controller is possible and also a pain, with that said im fine dropping the money to get one done before i head down to EVO. Looking to see if anyone is interested in this project here on the tech forums. Thank you and i appreciate your time.


lol sup troy
Take a look at the local modder thread in the stickys or look in trading outlet for someone to do the job for you.

I’d do it personally but shipping from the States to Canada is a pain


Dual mod for a Xbox 360 controller, do you mean like a standard controller or even a fight pad?

If that so, there are a number of SRK members who squeezed a Chimp or a MC Cthulhu + imp into the body of a Xbox 360 game pad and got all 2 or 3 PCBs to work together. Others had slaved a nearly empty (no chip or PIC on the PCB) game pad to a project box with the controller PCB inside, and the control boxes could be swapped.


gummowned, phreakzoid and bencao74 are the ones who tried those mods and succeeded. Try to contact them.


jamesepoop and I have also.


More than likely a standard controller I may look at the marvel fightpad. I know often they say once its nodded to work on a ps3 that’s the only system it will work on which is fine.


You are not giving gummowned, phreakzoid, bencao74,jamespoop and jdm714 credit. I seen there work with dual mod pads, I forgot who made a video of the pad in action, but it was awesome. If these guys can dual mod a V-tech smile joystick (awesome/funny mod) for the 360 and PS3 they can mod just about anything under the sun. There 2 ways they can make this happen, the modded controller can auto detect what mode it needs to be or it will swap from what ever set as primary to 2nd when you hold the guide button as you plug the controller in.


Worst case, they can always turn it into a lamp.


Well I will get a hold of them I’ve been interested in getting it done ever since I got serious into the tournament scene.


hey looking for somone who can mod a ps3 pad to work on xbox or is this possible


Usually people do PS2->Xbox or Xbox360 stuff which is easier. Is there a reason you want the ps3 pad?


yeah i hate the l2 and r2 buttons i feel like i have to try so much harder to dash then on a dual shock 3 i realling want to know if theres a why to mod the dual shock 3


It’s possible but a little exotic. (Can we mod it? Yes we can!) Gummo is the name that comes to mind for something like this, though there may well be others.


good to know ! how do i get hooked up with someone who can do this and how much would it cost around?