Looking for: Modding services

Don’t want to bother the stick builders with such an easy/menial request.

I have an xbox 360 standard edition stick that needs replacing with REAL sanwa parts. The stick on the standard edition blows.

I’ll send the parts along with the stick. PM me for service charges.

what model stick are you planning to install?

That’s another issue. I’m not sure what stick fits into the shell of the standard edition.

Let’s go with the Sanwa JLF-TP-8S

PM sent. (Not charging anything)

The JLF-TP-8YT is the direct replacement for the Madcatz SE stick, but I have to say, this is something that you could easily do yourself. If you can work a phillips screwdriver and can unplug wires one button at a time, it’s incredibly easy, as everything is a drop in replacement. Even if you’re not comfortable doing it, I’d recommend talking to some of your local friends, the shipping alone would be more than I’d charge someone to do this.

^^ It really is that easy.

For the stick you just unscrew the old stick and screw the new one in.

For the buttons you just pop them out and take the disconnects off.

That’s it.