Looking for: Modern Warfare 1 players

Anybody still play this game? Personally it’s my favorite CoD, and after playing MW2 & 3 this game feels like heaven.

Are you referring to Call of Duty: 4?


Sorry MW3 is my shit now. COD4 is long gone in my book!!

I’ll be glad to do some games with you in Call of Duty 4. As for MW3. I’m letting the rookies enjoy their game till I arrive and whoop their ass.

Once I reached 1k wins streak in MW2. I retired from the game. It’s boring when you have no challenger.

It’s boring when you don’t have a good clan, plain and simple!! All pro here baby!!

Note: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is worst than Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

You have two types of kill-streak. Assault and Support and of course, the 3rd one…I haven’t unlocked it yet.

If you’re new to the game. YOU ARE OUTCLASSED like a mother fucker. They have advantage over you. Modern Warfare 1 and 2 didn’t had an advantage. Also, a helicopter that tags you so your enemies know where you are at is stupid as hell. Congrats Infinity Ward for stealing Battlefield 3’s hint system (Instead of pressing “Select” to target your opponent). This one follows you till you’re dead.

Support makes Juggernaut powerful as hell. Especially if you have a good team to support your ass.

Also, the game is 100%’ camping with all these perks to know who’s around you. Heck, you don’t even NEED advanced pro UAV to know where he/she is located at. You have a perk that enables you to see them in close range. Causing new players to get outclassed.

We haven’t lost, but dealing with scrubs and camping is boring as hell. The map are CLUTTER as hell. Enabling your ass to camp that shit. Everywhere, I go. I see a mofo hiding in a corner waiting for you to run by.

Also, the SPAWNING. It’s terrible as hell.

Death Streak…Pointless…Makes me vomit…

I am about to trade this game for Skyrim. Hell, I’m not even an RPG player. At least, it’s going to bring me JOY and the reviews it’s getting.

CALL OF DUTY: MW3 isn’t even a damn 4 in my book. Hell, I am out smoking the scrub. But, I am tired of dealing with a camping bitch. Boring as hell. Especially if they decide to stay in the same SINGLE place.

This game is a waste of your money. Stick to Call of Duty 1 and 2. Even World at War is better than MW3. I blame the scrubs.

Well, at least I am HAPPY with Battlefield 3. Shit takes skills to kill. Not dealing with a kid. Staying in a single corner. Praying to get a kill because they suck at FPS and they need all these additional perks. I play with almost 0 perks except my scavengers cause I need AMMO.

Rating: 4/10
Game Play: 2/10
Graphic: 7/10
Maps: 1/10
Perks: 2/10
Weapons: 4.5/10 Oh…Type 99 is cheap as FUCK.

That’s why MW1>MW2>MW3 (IMO)

the fuck is this on a fighting game website? shouldn’t you go to the cod forums or something

lol wtf to you, this a PSN forum not a fighting game exclusive forum!.

and bigboss, i still have my CoD4 we can play sometime :slight_smile: and metal gear solid games are the shit!