Looking for more competition (xbl)


Hey everyone, decided to make an account after a friend linked me to the shoryuken forums. Since the level and amount of players in HDR have dwindled since 2008, I decided I would go and search for competition personally. Right off the bat I see posts from many talented players I’ve encountered on HDR such as voltech srk, blitzfu, moocus and a few more so thats a good sign! Just wanted to make this post to find more active players to test my skill against and maybe setup some casual player matches from time to time…As far as my skill level goes, I would like to think that I’m stronger than the average online HDR player, but the players above often tend to school me and make me improve my game which is always good. I usually play dj, gief, guile, and rog (I have an affinity for charge characters) so if anyone is a down for a few games feel free to inbox me your xbl name and I’ll add you as soon as possible to set something up. Later




cool, a mod can move this thread then or lock it you pointed me to the right direction


or u can start playing on GGPO, ST room has always plenty of competitors


I actually was thinking about doing that, just gotta get a new stick that can hook up to my PC and figure out how to set everything up.


ggpo.net has a section that covers how to get it setup, and covers any general problems that you may have while doing so. But the ST room sees a pretty healthy number of people playing at peak hours.