Looking for more info on Wico Perfect 360 push buttons

still looking for 1 blue button and 1 white (of the older version, white nut with the big faced button that looks like these) thanks!

These seem really cool! Why hasn’t anyone tried reproducing these yet??

Not that I know of.

I wonder what it takes to reproduce these buttons?

LED. Works like A Flash 1

Well I know the theory of operation
I mean the actual manufacturing

Like made a snap in replacement for existing arcade buttons, replacing the mechanical micro switch for a optical board

Someone should take a button, 3D scan it, then tweak the schematics to fit a switch. I say “someone” because I don’t have the capabilities.

I am also looking for these buttons, please help, I will buy or trade…

There are rare perfect 360 optical encoders that fit onto standard il lorenzo buttons, bit are rare if not more rare than the spillproof buttons. Finding it will be the hardest thing. Get on facebook and join a bunch of fightstick pages and branch your searches out. U can do what I did and contact Ebay sellers who deal with arcade parts. I search their inventory and see if they sell equipment related to games which a owner at one point could of purchased a upgraded perfect 360. I also see if they state not to solicit about any products that are not listed. U have to respect their time. Send a short to the point message simply stating I’m looking for so so and willing to pay x amount for it. Short to the point but dont come off despite. Dig around hard enough and u can find these.

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Im posting here pictures of my Happ Control Perfect 360 Joystick and push buttons.
I also upgraded it with a Brooks Universal Fighting Board with Brook UFB-UP5 Playstation 5 Add-On for Universal Fighting Board.

For history/archival purposes this is the second purchase of a Happ Controls Perfect 360 Joystick and push buttons for me. I’ve had this since 2012. I first had an Ultimarc, then Toodles Cthulhu Multi-Console PCB installed into it.

I had Mikes Trello (www.arcadecab.com) joystick case custom made for me. I play Arcade fighting games with my right hand on the Joystick and my left hand on the push buttons.

Here’s some pictures.