Looking for MvC2 combo people

Quick question to everyone who reads this, are there any other MvC2 combo people here besides me and like 3 other people? I don’t expect anything from this really, I’m just wondering if it’s me and the other 3 people.

It depends on what you mean by “Combo people”

Someone who is interested in combos or situations like the ones in the Meikyousisui series. It’s just a different aspect of the game.

Who are the 3 other people? I think mvc2 combo videos are dead.I havent seen any new ones in 4ever.To tell the truth I think you and joo are the last hope for mvc2 combovideos,No else come out with videos these days.

Well Jadon is uh, MIA IIRC. The other two are MikeZ - very busy and I think he gave his capture card to Thongboy Bebop… The other is some new guy no one knows =/

Yes me and Joo are the only current ones right now. Joo is still going strong, he just doesn’t make a lot of public videos… but just like rage, it’s building up…

Anyway, anyone?

There arent that many people who puts the time into quality and editing, that is why you and Joo are so elite in the “combo video” aspect.

The last person who doesnt make videos, post anymore, was Commy.

the only person I can think of that still does videos, not really intended for quality or editing, is Blue Jay featuring Yipes.

You forgetting DS?

I play Marvel pretty much every day, although I don’t have a capture card and no where near experienced enough to do things that haven’t been seen…

Oh i get it.Getting at least 4 people in the US to make a Meikyousisui type series.Any idea what you will call yourselves?That would be tight.

I can see Magnetro,Ekin,Mike Z, and Yipes doing a series.

lol… MikeZ is too busy to make any thing usually. ekin told me he doesn’t play marvel anymore and yipes isn’t into those kinds of combos, just things that are possible in a match (storm video/his trailer thing)

I dont know what we’d call ourselves (if there was some kind of group) I THINK meikyousisui = as serene as a polished mirror and still water… So I don’t have anything that can possibly top that :rofl:

MMDS is too broken. Litteraley

Why you little punk.

well, i’ve always been interested in combos that involved T.I.A.s (Throws into assists). The wonders you can do with these, though it may not be fancy like the ones Joo does, it’s still something that’ll open up possibilities to other people, though many people may not be interested in silly combos that doesn’t involve “Top Tier” characters, I feel it’s a project worth taking on.

Do not forget about the Dragonforce-esque and Rock Opera music.



So you’re just interested in things with TIA…and not fancy ones? Just technical or something? I also don’t remember joo doing TIA’s unless you count Vol10’s Anakaris-Jin combo. What do you mean it’s a project worth taking on?

It would be nice to see some practical combos. The crazy glitch and way out there combos with like Roll/Dan/Zangief were okay at first, but no one’s ever gonna use them. Some stuff with lower tier characters who can still compete like Dhalsim/Ruby/Megaman/Rogue/Cammy would be cool just to see what they can do.

I quite like those kinds of combos because you actually will never see them. Combo videos like that aren’t trying to demonstrate the character’s potential, but more exposing the broken ass piece of crap Capcom made. It’s interesting I think to see how deep the game really goes, even if it’s beyond strategic comprehention.

magnetron can get a 100 ppl w/ 500 program pads together but he’ll still never be able to outdo megamandan when it comes to combo vids

sry just give it up

I mean some of us know some of the basic ones, such as Storm Fierce Throw into Sentinel Drones then you can follow it up with a damaging combos.

There are some fancy ones that people just don’t know about. Or have never seen before. Like I said, who out there would like to say Spider-Man throw into tyhpoons into a combo? Given that it just a bread and butter combo, but hey it works. Or how about Cammy kick throw into Storm Typhoons into a super? That is one of my favorite combos, given it seems so basic, yet it’s so nice to see. There are so many possibilities out there, given it’s nothing like an infinite or like 99 hit combo, it’s something worth looking into.

I do have thread in the mvc2 section that lists what you can do what you can not. The list isn’t completed, since there was a lack of interest in it. But if you want, we can always chat or something on aim and perhaps I can give some ideas.

Here’s the link to the thread

i never seen a megaman dan vid,or even heard off him. :confused:

post combo vid if u can

Deric Bogus.
Japs are cooking, and i’m the chef.

I’m really good at combo videos.

I’m making this video where cyke’s normals beat the shit out of random high priority supers.

fuck yeah, not really a combo video thing, but like you said, a different way to look at the game.