Looking for new mods

In light of recent events, the Shoryuken forums are in need of new volunteer moderators.

Yes, this should have happened sooner, but stuff has been out of control as of late. At the same time, concerns have been raised by those who initially wanted the post (and have backed out) and I needed time to figure out how to deal with those

In any case, you’ll note that I said moderators, plural. Problem with what we previously had, is that in some situations (e.g. when another mod is involved) one person ends up having to deal with a problem on their own without the benefit of having another set of eyes to give a different take on the situation.

The second reason, is just to have more people watching the forum. I mean, this still won’t be like it was back in the day where we had multiple mods for every forum, but it’s still better then what we’ve had as of late. At the very least, this way, if someone has to focus on other things, be it work, family, or what have you, that doesn’t leave the forum without anyone on watch.

Finally, it’ll also be good for organizational things. This way, if anything could or should be changed with how the forums are organized, then there are more people around to mull over and implement it (within Discourse of course, where the forum actually runs one, is up to the owners).

Now to the actual recruitment. I’m open to any volunteers willing to take the time to help moderate this place. Most of what mods have to do is pretty much automated already—Discourse is pretty good at catching bots and spam and all mods have to do is approve or reject any that the system flags. So it basically comes down to dealing with problems between users or the occasional organizational bit.

Anyone willing to volunteer, just say so in the replies below. My only requirement is that they’re a veteran member known by the community (at least 3 years here) with no outstanding issues or previous bans within the past 3 years.

I’m looking to add at least 2 mods, but I’m open to having more.

I’ll volunteer…and I agree there should be more than one.


You know what, I put my hat in.


Ill volunteer if you guys revert to the old forum software instead of this busted infinite scroll shit

and its got tiny fucking avs too

Sounds like a job for me!


I’d like to be considered for a mod position


Sadly, not my call.

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Huh, I actually have had an account here 3 years apparently. I remember lurking in tech talk a lot during like 2012-14, still don’t stray much out of tech talk when I drop by. Maybe if you still need more mods I’d be up for it.

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Unban Pertho first


Well we’ve seen what you do when it is your call. So no one should expect anything from you


I have been on here for a long time, I post if needed or to give my opinion, I will be happy to help. I used to work for Capcom on their forums before they shut it down. Let me know!


I can if needed. I been around long enough people know me decently.

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