Looking for new players to spar with (SSF4AE)

I’m not sure if this is the right section; I cannot find any proper section for this anywhere on these forums.

Anyways. I’m new to SSF4:AE and fighting games in general. I have played this game for a few months, but mostly just button mashing in arcade. The past week or two I have really stepped things up and been training really hard. I am looking for other people to spar against that would be near the same skill level, so send me a message over the forums if you think it would work out.

I mostly play Fei and sometimes Sakura.



post it in there.

i’m down. my GT is deadbeatlotus.

i mostly play ibuki but i’ve been trying to get into Cody & Dudley.

im new and pretty bad myself, i play blanka and akuma

GT: airbag facial