Looking for new printer/scanner/copier

I’m looking for a new printer/scanner/copier because both HP and Lexmark suck. I heard good things about Samsung, but I digress.

I don’t want to pay more than several hundred bucks at most but I also demand certain features, including:

  • The ability to work, out of the box, with Windows XP or OSX WITHOUT SOFTWARE (e.g., Windows/Mac recognizes the device natively). If the device has proprietary software that is OPTIONAL or can be otherwise worked around, that is also fine. It’s also fine if it does need software that is unintrusive, has a VERY small memory footprint, and is virtually invisible.

  • Color is preferred, but grayscale is fine (though if it’s grayscale it has to be laser).

  • It doesn’t have to be super small but it can’t have a boat of a footprint either.

  • It doesn’t need fax capability. In fact, I would prefer if it DIDN’T have fax capability.

Thanks in advance for any responses.