Looking for offline pratice/play in East/North London

Hey, I’m hoping this is the right place to enquire about this. Anyway I’m looking to improve my overall game and would wanna get more experince in person through casuals/training- tournaments etc. I’m a pad player on ps3

I play the following: SSF4 AE, (I use Sim, Rose, Ken and Bison) MVC3,Tekken 6, soulcalibur IV, (more casual though I would wanna get better.)

Hope I get a few replies.

I’m in Wood Green, mostly play SFVI + AE & Blazblue but will play anything really. I play on PC but I have a PS3 TE stick so I’m sure either will work. Could defintely do with improving my play.

good to hear. U know of chingford? and also u mean sf or soulcalibur? f and c are close together for keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know Chingford, I used to live in Walthamstow and catch a bus/train there.

I meant Street Fighter (Primarily AE now that they’ve finally released something for PC other than Vanilla). I will play Soul Calibur or Tekken (or anything else for that matter) but I’m rusty with them, so keep that in mind if you wanted someone more skilled with those games, but I’m good either way.

That’s kl. Ok ^^ I’m nothing ground breaking at any game I play AE more than than most fighters theres only 1 game I play more than AE atm. For now just wanna improve. :slight_smile:

Same pretty much; I’d just like to improve.

get on www.neoempire.com

what should we be looking for and where? :slight_smile:

well helping each other out is something we can start with.

Send me a PM, let me know what’s good for you etc and we can sort something out :slight_smile:


the forums. over half the people there are from london and proabbly over half the people there are from london.

I registered just waitin for my account to be verified or something so I post thanks for the info I’m hopin it helps alot