Looking for other HD remix players

Just basically looking for other people to go against in HD remix. My gamertag’s the same, supergremlin777. I’m not that great but I’m always up for a few good rounds.

hey whats going on my gamertag is xlegionariousx im looking for some competitive matches aswell.

Cool. Send me a message when you get on and we’ll battle. I’m usually on late at night.

Master Rift, TheLongPantsMan…anytime u want sucka! lol

Great. Can’t wait.

I’ve only just started playing SF2 when HDR came out, so I don’t think I’m that good, but I’d like to play anyone a couple matches so add me! I play DeeJay and a little Ken - vtrickzv is my gamertag. I’m in Ontario, Canada. Looking forward to playing some of ya!

add me, im not too great either haha. i mainly use ryu/akuma