Looking for partners


Hi !

Im new on shoryuken, i really like this game and i want to become better by chat on skype with motivated people. Anyone who can help me or looking for chat with somebody else too !

I hope learn from you guys, and let me know if you are interrested !
And sorry if my english is bad :confused:

Thank you,


I dunno about skype, but there are plenty of other resources to chat with strong players and get guidance.

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Add me if you like, i’m from Europe too. We could do some training-matches.

PSN: Turbosjaak


Do you use a mic? I have a bluetooth mic for PS3, but I still haven’t tried it out yet. I am in Europe and I think you already sent me a friend request (Sorry, just at work right now)


I use Skype, but I don’t really consider myself an expert player. I can invite you into a lobby with my friends, but I am busy with work and courses. I am mostly available now on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends.


Hi, Where ? Obviously theres here, but i like to chat directly !
Turbo : add done :wink:

@Vlad : yes i send you a invitation :wink: I don’t use mic for ps3, only for skype. Thanks !