Looking for peep's to play beatem up's

Just got done playiong some online today. I’m looking to get some 2-4 player shit going so let me know who play’s and when :tup:

I’m going to get on again tomorrow night (tuesday) around like 8pm est. Shit was really fun today so I’m definetly looking to play more.

What beat em ups are you talking about playing here?

Anything good, I have pretty much all of them.

i play final fight a lot…

I’m definetly down for some final fight.

Anyway the game’s I would like to play mostly are.

Double Dragon
Battle Circuit
Sengokou 3

Pretty much any good beatem up.

Anyway, if anyone want’s to play just hit me up on aim, scootmagee00.

Also I was looking to play some genesis game’s on kaillera like SOR and Gunstar heroes. I just have to go see what I need to get those to work on kaillera.

Simpsons and TMNT and Xmen are some of my Favorites.

Steets of Rage and Final Fight are like my most played.

So who’s up for some tmnt or something tonight?

i always have a soft spot for

pretty soldier sailor moon and bad dudes