Looking for people in Philadelphia, PA


Just moved to PA from Jersey, and i figure there’s got to be a scene somewhere over here.


I heard Temple has a scene sometimes but I’m down for whatever, local or online.


I’m trying to find a philly scene as well


Alright well if you guys want to play online you can add me GT: MAG7VUM BROW7V.
Im in south philly but im willing to drive to a place if anyone knows of any arcades/gaming lounges in PA.


There is a tourney this Wednesday at Classic Game Junkie in Glenside if you guys are interested


get ready!!!
everyone needs to come! if this goes well…next year i will be looking at a 2day event


what’s up guys. Im lookin for some local comp as well. feel free to holla at me. my PSN is DaBolB25. mention this site with the request so I know.


Hello people, so there is a scene in Philly at temple every friday. Its from 2pm to 2am and there are people there who play everything. The main games are Marvel amd Street fighter, however there are people who play other games too.


I play Marvel, Street Fighter, Injustice, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, KOF 13, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Brawl, and I dabble on skullgirls and a few other games. If you want to come to some house sessions and other ones add me on Facebook my name is Jameel Hinton and my picture is of Ky Kiske. Hope to see you all at a session soon


Any Tekken players ?


I think I’m the only SF player in Montco lol. This area is just sad.


Just not the place to be for FGs. I mean didn’t Justin Wong leave this area to go to Socal? Everytime I go back to PA to visit family I just have to drop FGs and play RPGs or sth. It sucks but what you gonna do.


I agree. If i ever move to a better area i might try again but for now its like a deadzone


Dang, I was looking for players for sf in Philly as well… This is crazy. A major city and there’s not really a scene? Well anyway if anyone’s looking to link up and level up offline/online. My gamer tag is god complex rh on xbox. Feel free to hit me up.


there are players but they mostly post on facebook


What Facebook and where?


I’m getting back into the scene as well. Having a place to play casuals would be great




@"RoNs NexT To GoD"‌ They play up at Temple University on Fridays. I think the facebook page is philly FGC. I would go but i work every weekend so it’s impossible. Real shame its only fridays


I hate Cali and everything about it but I really am jealous about the scene they have over there.