Looking for people in the Utica-Rome area, NY


Hey guys, though nothing’s really “official” yet, I’m here representing the Gamers Club at SUNYIT. The president’s already aware and has an interest in introducing fighting games here.

At the moment, aside from myself and possibly a few others, we don’t have people that regularly play fighting games. Right now I’m just here looking to see how much interest there is in this area, and hopefully I can try and arrange to have weekly tournaments on campus, as well as just having fun in casuals.

What we don’t have at the moment:
-The games (Already covered, this won’t be an issue)
-Monitors (I spoke with the president on this issue, I personally want Asus monitors like the one I own with minimal delay)
-Online streaming equipment (I’d like to see a scene here big enough to warrant having a livestream for events here)

What we have:
-Decently sized venue. As far as I know, we have the choice of at least 3 different buildings to hold events here. Rough estimate of occupants is apparently ~100-150 for one of the rooms.
-Consoles. We have multiple PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. If necessary we’ll try and get more consoles if the number of people attending is high.
-Food and refreshment available for purchase at the Student Center.

If you’re in this area and are interested in coming to future events or have any questions, please leave a post. Would be appreciated if you can inform others as well. No date set in mind for anything yet, but I would like to start things soon. Thanks!

I’ll hopefully post more info when the club meets next week.


get ready!!!
everyone needs to come! if this goes well…next year i will be looking at a 2day event


In case no one got the memo or they haven’t heard yet, Bum’s upcoming KOFXIII tournament is Saturday (November 16, 2013) at the House of Crack. Check previous House of Crack Tournament threads for address, tournament rules, and other details

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/193093140879071/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming



I realize this is an old post but if anyone in the area wants to play add me on PSN Foozie22 and we can plan some get togethers.


Hey Foozie where you stay at im in Watertown Ny I need local matchessss


Rome, it’s about hour and a half from Watertown