Looking for people to help gather info for a 3s "newb" website

I’m making a site catering to the new players… with all system information/character information/combos/organized match vids section

Looking for people who are knowledgable with their characters to help write some information for the website.

Site specifics:

System information will be represented as much visually as i can… using thongboy’s tutorial for starters as well as other custom made videos i will make with my local crew to show the basics of poking and zoning (i’m still learning this part myself so it will help me as well)

Character information will basically be all the information on srk about combos/matchups/tricks for every character.

Combos = combo videos… basic stuff you find on youtube usually

Match vids: This will be setup as a database of vids persay. It will start by selecting a character, then selecting a character the first character is against in the video. Then there will be a list of vids with 2 different ratings next to them. One rating is for usefulness in understanding the character/matchup. The other rating is for the entertainment value of the match.

I also plan to have a forums section in which people can get their own area for their local group.

Basically a mini srk for 3s but MUCH more organized.

i play that urien guy

I will help out with Oro

alright, kool guys, thx :slight_smile:

just a recommendation, dont bother with match vids, srk/gfb/TheShend has that pretty covered as it is. no one cares about the srk wiki it seems so just a basic guide of all the characters is pretty good.

i’ll contribute to urien considering i wrote the wiki for him and i still need to finish that, it’ll pretty much be a copy paste ordeal though.

match vids… you have to SIFT through litterly to find what u want…

Looking for people to help maintain 3s MATCH VID database

Yep… taking vids from youtube and archiving them to a given place… takes like 10 secs to post a vid.

i want pic tutorials, in depth for some, how to counter X characters move,
parry in combos etc etc

I can edit whatever Yun stuff you put up. :smiley:

what do u mean pic tutorials?

parry in combos? (this is possible?)

also… i’ll be doing yun myself… but if i need any help i’ll let u know.

i mean im a chunli player, i wanna know on what players can i SA 2, SJC, d.mk, lk then press forward to be on other side before they land,
some specifics that work on each characters.
parry in combo with chun = parry their hit close then c.sp xx sa2 , apprently works better, maybe pics on kara throws for noobs etc.

i was thinking of making an application ewith move list and video and hint and tutorials just for chun but i think it will take too much time

u can use my dudley guide if u want.

I could do an elena writeup… but not like anyone would read it. :confused:
I was thinking of making a beginner’s tutorial for 3s video myself over my work term since I’ll be at home, since I found, as helpful as thongboy’s tutorial is, it fails to cover some more basic terms and techniques that beginners may find helpful, such as basic mixup, safe/nonsafe moves, meaty attacks, wakeup games etc… perhaps you might find it a useful resource I suppose

that would be amazing!

Sounds like a really good idea. This could help the scene alot, and help it grow even more.

I’ll gladly post the vids I put up on youtube if you would like.