Looking for people to mentor me while I play!

I stream AE a lot, and I’m totally new to the game. I’m looking for advice about general gameplay, also I’d like some help with matchups etc. I’m also trying to decide about who I should main. I’m live right now at twitch.tv/miredia (Sorry if I’m not allowed to post a stream in the chat mods, but I really am just looking for some advice. I’m super new to the game D:)

Hey, you should firstly write from what region you are from. Alot of lads care about that.

Online matchmaking posts go here:


I highly recommend you check your local area and find some type of local scene. People are much more willing to help you when you show up regularly to a venue and have a genuine need to improve as a player. Also, have good personal hygiene.


If this is a thinly veiled attempt to promote your stream, it won’t work.

Like eltrouble said.

Also, If you are actually looking for advice and not trying to promote your stream, you’re welcome to post vids in the already existing match analysis thread.