Looking for people to play against

Alright in any of the major games I have absolutely no local competition within a reasonable driving mile radius. Even online people just want to play really short sets and be done for the rest of the day. Well not me I want to actually play and get a long session of games in so I can actually put certain tactics or strats into my muscle memory. Its almost impossible for me or anyone in my situation to get to the level I would like to be at for tournaments if I can’t get enough playtime in. My problem isn’t that I am not playing its that I have no one to play with. I think its ridiculous even online I can’t find people who just want to sit and play for a while.

Anyway I am looking for people online (preferrably offline which I highly doubt anyone is in my area) who is dedicated to getting better and playing sessions of 10 games or more in SF4 and TK6.

Please I ask to keep flames out of this thread. Please only those post who actually are about what I was talking about above.

If you missed it I will say it again. Looking for players who are dedicated into getting better and wanting to further themselves as being threats in the tournament scene.

I’ll play you.

You’re in the midwest and I’m on the East coast so I dont know what our ping will look like, but we can play.

I main Sakura btw.

I don’t mean to be an A-hole but theres already a thread similar to this here: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=184948

Anyways, I’m having the same problem where I’m looking for practice with at least decent players but the scene is not that big in my home town. I live in Texas so I’m not sure how good our connection will be, but you’re welcome to send me an invite anytime. My gamertag is Bionic Pickles. I’m on from around 9 pm till whenever.

play on pc!

Seeking Same

I’m an inordinately intelligent male Adonis with an equine-like appendage (*often referred to as ‘Tripod’! ^_^). I’m exceedingly witty, charming, funny, charismatic, and of course, rich. I like cooking, cleaning, gardening, taking out the rubbish, playing with children, changing nappies, working multiple jobs for long hours, sleep deprivation, Hugh Grant flicks and watching Oprah. I also like long walks on the sea shore after a candle lit dinner, talking about my feelings (*but never to the point where my partner feels threatened or inadequate) and can perform hours of foreplay without an iota of satisfaction for myself! I also have a tendency to overlook infidelity as I’m generally too whipped and tired to stand up for myself.

PS: I also play Street fighter IV and main random! :lovin:

Cool !!
Monday to Wednesday at night
Main: ElFuerte
GT: cdborrego
Send me a request

We’ve played before and had a good connection but you wrecked me for free, so … your call.

I know you know better than to make a thread like this up in here. Come on now.

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This also doesn’t count the player directory threads that are in every character specific sub board.