Looking for people to play Tekken Tag 2 with on Xbox or Ps3


I love Tekken to death, but the lack of people who talk and amount of people who spam moves annoys me somtimes.

Fighting Games are much more fun when there are a group of people who play each other, it doesnt matter about skill, just playing the games and having a laugh while doing so is great.

So am looking for people who still play Tekken Tag 2 where just get a few people in lobbys who play each other and have a laugh! :smiley:

I play mainly Xbox, but also have Tekken for ps3, so platform isnt a issue…(unless you have the Wii U version…otherwise then we do have a problem…haha)


I can play, I have to break in my new team after I stopped using Yoshimitsu.

Prepare for me not to be very good.