Looking for people to play with - South Sweden


So it seems that the only website for fighting games in Sweden (Bitter Harmony) doesn’t like newcomers and is not open for registration or something? I dunno, that’s why I’m here!
Hi, I’m looking for people to play SSF4AE2012 and (possibly) SFxT with, online (PSN only for now!) and offline (If there’s anyone nearby). I’m not that good, which is WHY I want people to play with.
I’ve tried looking for a local scene, but sadly, I cannot seem to find one. Feel free to reply to this thread, send me a PM or somethin’ if you wanna play! Online and offline is fine.

I’m in South Sweden (obviously), in the Karlstad area. Hit me up!


Hai. I’m a newcomer really wanting to get into AE and signed up to this site specifically for some matchmaking, so I’d love to try some games. XBL-nick is Naeras, feel free to add me. =)

PS: I’m really really horrible, and I don’t have any preferred characters yet. I guess I’ll figure it out.
PPS: I’m from Norway. =p


Sup Naeras! Unfortionately I am on PSN… Which I obviously should have noted in my first initial post! I must’ve forgot. Sorry! :l
I shall edit that right away.


Uppsala här, lirar mer än gärna AE online. Min gamertag är ShawAndMorgan, dra iväg en friend request eller en invite bara så kör vi. Jag är väl inte direkt någon nybörjare, men jag lirar flera karaktärer så det kanske kan vara bra träning för dig. Peace!


Tja! Vi har lite problem med spambots på bh, därför kan vissa medlemmar försvinna i mängden när man ska aktivera konton tyvärr :(. PMa mig ditt nick på BH så aktiverar jag kontot ^^. Ang spelare så har jag för mig att Taicho bor i karlstad och säkert vill spela AE