Looking for people to play (XBL)


just looking for some people to play that are around my skill level been playing about a month now gt= skzim
from VA


Post your location. You might be too far for some people to get a reliable connection.


from VA will not let me edit for some reason


I’ll add you.

My GT: Darth Revan 666

Im from Montreal, we should have a solid connection.


I’m from the UK, but I’ve played people in the states with no lag issue at all so it’s worth a shot. expect a friend request from “Sethosquall” soon. I’m still a beginner so it should be a laugh.

And if the connection isn’t strong enough no biggie at least we can say we tried :stuck_out_tongue:


What game? Or is it just to be assumed now that people only play SSFIV and nothing like SNK stuff, Virtua Fighter, etc.


ill add you im from VA too :slight_smile: :cool:


Yes, all these new guys only play SFIV. Nothing else. Don’t expect it to change at all.


You’ll have a much better time finding people to play with if you post in the right place. Try the xbox live section or regional matchmaking.