Looking for people who want to get the SSF4:AE bundle on Steam


Looking for 3 other people who want to get down on purchasing the 4 SSF4:AE bundle.

I’m looking to just send the money to someone via paypal and get it gifted to me. Or if someone has an extra one left over theyd like to sell as a gift on Steam, let me know as well, with price.


Id be interested. We need 2 more peeps. gogogo!


I’m in if you guys still need people to chip in. Let me know, please!


I don’t need this anymore, but you two are only 2 away from getting there.


How much do I save doing this?


You’d save $10. Bundle (4 copies) = $120. Single Copy = $40.


I want in but it’s gonna have to wait until I actually come into some money.