Looking for people who

Looking for have the equipment and are willing to convert match replays into videos and upload them onto youtube for watching/analysis.

We have a bunch of replays from our online tournaments and I’m sure people save replays playing with their friends. It would be nice if we can get some people who are willing to help out the community to convert them so we all watch some matches and get some better analysis.


If I had the game, I would. Let me know if you still need help when Brawl finally hits Europe.

I have no problem helping you out. However, I am pretty new to converting videos, but I am willing to try. What kind of equipment will I need?

I just bought some capture equipment online. So, yeah, I’ll update you once it shows up and I get to test it.

I’ve got the equipment, and I could do it, but It would take time; I can’t promise I’d be any fast or anything.

However, if you are interested, drop me a PM and we’ll see if we can work anything out.

Also, have you tried looking at the Adaptec Gamebridge for recording? It’s cheap and easy (I use it)

I’ve got the ability to cnvert match replays to .MPEG (High Quality for low file size, an average 3 min vid is around 50MB in size, and it looks perfectly fine when viewed), and to upload them. However, I don’t use Youtube; it doesn’t like my PC :lol: I could however, put the matches on dailymotion for all to see. The only downfalls are that it takes a fairly long time, and I’m not always on the PC. During the summer I might have the time to help though.

I have a spare PC box laying around that I’ve been just wiping to try out operating systems on. If someone could point me in the right direction for which capture card(s) to buy and what software to download, I could definitely put some matches up on youtube. Hell, might even put up a Youtube channel strictly for that kind of stuff.

Now where did I put that VCR…

I’m back again, you can send replays to me and I’ll upload them (faster this time, hopefully, last time I kind of got overwhelmed…)

Just pm me…