Looking for players in central Austin


Hey all, new here.

I’ve been watching the FGC from afar for quite some time and I’m really looking to become more competitive myself.

I’m looking for someone who plays SSFIVAE2012 UMVC3 SFXT and (more specifically) Injustice. I would love to make it to arcadeUFO as has been recommended. However my hours are really off (work from 8pm to 5am). Because of this I’m hoping there’s a night-owl out there who’s also looking for someone to practice with. Someone who I can meet up with weekly to play some matches and grind out some training. Oh, and also my Internet is terrible thus it’s not productive to use that as my main source of practice.

In SF I play Ryu
UMVC3 I play wolverine/doom/sent
Sfxt I play Law/Rolento
And Injustice I’m playing Grundy and flash.

If anyone is interested let me know. Also, if you’re down for possibly some laggy matches my PSN is TalarioSpada.