Looking for players in Germany


I recently moved in to Cologne (Köln), away from my Street Fighter machine and I want to find some German group that would accept me in whatever meetings they do. My only problem is that I don’t really speak German, reason why general socializing is becoming a pain.

Danke vielmals :slight_smile:

Any SSFIV players living Germany?

I just got back from Afghanistan, stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany, and I’m also looking for players…and I also don’t speak German. Soul Calibur V is what I was specifically looking to play, but I’ll play Street Fighter as well. Also, nice avatar, can’t go wrong with good ol Nick.


There’s a small group of us that plays in Kaiserslautern and we get together pretty well. We’re actually trying to grow our scene. I know it’s quite a drive, but maybe you can come hang with us for a bit?


I’d probably be up for that once my stick comes in the mail from Afghanistan. I’d be getting on the train, since I don’t drive out here.


It is a pity, I don’t think I can afford to take that train on a weekly basis :frowning: I am just making an internship here so I don’t have car or budget.


:sunglasses: Nice! But, where exactly in Kaiserslautern…? I am in Wiesbaden right now! I’m really looking for a competitive scene around here, too!


I work on Ramstein AFB and we usually get together every couple weeks or so. If you PM me I can send you my contact info and I’ll keep you in the loop as to when we get together.


Sup guys, we’re always looking for more players in the K-town/Ramstein area. Hit us up.


I just got to Spangdahlem, but I got friends up at RMS, so I’m there often-ish. When do you guys get together?


I move to Landstuhl which is basically K-Town in Mid June. What do you guys usually play? The only games I am worth a day now adays is T6 and HDR.


So did the OP ever find anything in Köln? I’m in the exact same situation, moved here about a week ago.


I work on Ramstein AB as well and am looking for people to play Ultimate Marvel vs capcom 3 with. anyone know where i can find some?


Hey Guile Mike, we usually ONLY play Marvel. But I’m down for some older games. I play ST 3S a bit, but my favorite game is Vampire Savior (ugh <3). We had a Marvel Party for EVO this past weekend. But if you wanna chill, just PM either myself or Ferro and we can give you all the details of when and where we get together! :slight_smile:

Same goes for anyone else who posts in this thread. Just PM myself or Ferro and we’ll respond ASAP.


Hey, I am moving to Schweinfurt in October!!! Are you still going to be there?!?! I just play SF4 but would be willing to learn SCV. I am gonna be bringing my 360 and fightstick.

I will be doing lots of travelling as well so hopefully I can meet up with some others or we can at least play on Xbox Live!


I will have my arcade stick in Sept. The games I am good at are T6, ST, Cvs2 and Mvc2.


I just moved from Wiesbaden to Baumholder (Such a downgrade) I know there are Tekken players in frankfurt area but I was wondering if anybody plays around K-town/Ramstein area. I also play a little marvel and trying to get more into KOFXIII hit me up cause Ktwon/Ramnstein is only 30min drive for me.


no one playing SF4 ? lol


I started playing it again a lil lately. I’m gonna get P4A and once TTT2 comes out thats all i’ll probably be playing.


Hey guys. I am in the Mannheim/Heidelberg region for the next month with a language exchange program and would love to meet up and play with some people. I am a big SSF4 fan and would also really like to check out P4A. If anyone is in the region hit me up with a PM and we can exchange info. I can also speak a bit of German and would think it would be cool to improve my vocab with some gaming terms and such.


you are from canada too? I’ll be there in October… I am living about 3 hours away from you though, I drove to Mannheim from Schweinfurt last month it took a decent amount of time but my girlfriend used to live in Mannheim so she lieks to visit there a lot so if we end up taking a trip down we’ll have to meet up. We should definitely do endless online though,I am 2600pp 6100BP Ehonda. I am pretty bad at German I am just starting to learn now. What’s the internet like in Germany? I am hoping to find a good connection in my city so I can stream.