Looking for players in Salem, OR region


Hey guys I’m looking for some players in the Salem region. I’ve got it all so you name it, most likely I have it. I like 2D fighters mostly like ST and CVS2. Also I enjoy playing KOF(2D ones, though MI is welcomed). So if anyone would like to come through and battle let me know. Contact info is in my profile.


Well. Your just in time for the winter major. There is a thread in NW forum about the tourney. Im sure some PDX people will help you there.


I’ve been coordinating some stuff with the Salem GG players, so I think they might know some people, but it’s a good start. Send me an AIM msg or something and I can give you their info…
But I don’t how solid they are in everything else, but I’d suggest just making the hour drive on some days, either wednesday (weeklies 3-9 @ PSU) or Fridays at the Tilt which usually have casuals afterwards…