Looking for players in the Jersey City, Bayonne, Union city area

Hi there.

A good amount of Jersey City heads and I are looking for other people around the area to have a session with. We usually have casuals over the weekend, (Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday) at our usual spot to play. For us, it feels like there is no one else around our area that plays on a competitive level than us, but we are still interested in any kind of skill level in the area. For now, we are just seeing if there is anyone interested in joining us for some casuals. This is just for the following areas since we are trying to build a better scene around these parts. Please respond back or PM me if you have any other questions.


To clarify the reason why this isn’t posted in the existing New Jersey thread is because we want to create a scene in these cities only. Most of us are broke gamers just trying to level up. It’s difficult to travel without spending at least 18 dollars. Please don’t close this thread.

We are having casuals today. People who live around the area are invited to come. PM me for more info.

I’m out of town this weekend, but I can easily drive to Jersey City on other weekends. I’m in Bergen County. Where do you guys play?