Looking for players near me. Chula Vista (near SD)


[FONT=Helvetica]What’s up everyone, as title says. So i’m new to the community and i’ve already been invited for some online fun :’) but i would also like to start getting more serious about all this and i would like to ask if there is someone out there that could help me as to where to start going, to you know have some fun and hopefully improve my skills, since I would like to start participating in tourneys and such. So if anyone is up to invite me anywhere or any place to play some games or a place where people get together and stuff, please leave a comment below and thanks for any kind of information you guys could have even if you are not near, i would be very thankful ;)Greetings from Chula Vista[/FONT]


What up man? Yeah so SD is pretty wack as it applies to the options when compared to the LA area. But anyway, they throw box arena, which is a tourney, every Tuesday night. Starts around 6/7. It’s at a smoothie place called Frubble in Santee (google it). Also, a guy does something called TTF on I think Monday or Tuesday nights. Search for that on here. He is really cool about inviting new people. Other than that, things are really dry out here man.

I live kind of near downtown. I’ve been looking for casuals lately, but no one seems to know anything. You can hit me up if you wanna spar sometime. I’m always down to play at my pad.


Aignt nice, that would be cool. Do you have a ps3 btw?


Yeah man. I have a ps3, but my stick is dual modded so I can play on either.


Come out to TTF! Check out the main San Diego thread for more info. Send a friend request to SD Fight Scene on Facebook.

Also, there are tournaments/casuals at Cosmic Odyssey in National City on Saturday Nights.


^^ What Casey said. Check the “San Diego when and where thread.” The place to hit up for fights is TTF. Contact “unprotectedSEX” its his casuals so introduce yourself if you haven’t done so already. Its going down on this tuesday 8/7.