Looking for players on ps4

Hello, I’m mainly a trophy hunter, I’ve done all the trials in ssf4 except fuerte 23 and abel 24 for the moment, so I feel my execution is good or at least with practice I can do anything, for example I found sakura’s tatsu combos pretty easy.

But the point is, I suck at the game, I played about 20 matches online tonight and won 3. Doesn’t help everyoine was B+ and A. So I wanted to know if anyone wanted to play so I can practice and not lose in 5 seconds to perfects :). I don’t mind high level players, but I can’t learn anything if I die in 5 seconds -.-

This why they need to integrate blocking, throw tech and counter hit trophies.

Moving to psn matchmaking.

Please don’t post matchmaking threads in the newbie dojo. If you want gameplay advice, come on back.