I’d love to throw a tourney or just put in some casuals. I’d to the see what we have to offer in the northeast!

I have a couple net cafes that would be willing to throw one.

LMK shoot me an email.

Jump to my profile.


Hey hey, a Burbank thread! I slinked onto this subforum thinking surely some people in Burbank must play socially and looky here I might be right. I’m just starting to pick up SF:AE after a long hiatus from SFIV (and SRK sadly) and would love to get beat up online by some fellow Burbank-ians. If you got enough interest, a meet up for some casual games every few weeks or something could be cool as well. If nothing else, I could use some friendly XBL sparring to help my game as I am pretty terrible at the moment.


Sweeet bro, whats your gamertag? We should run some casuals at round 1 or something.


Im in the area (Atwater) and am always down for some AE sparring partners, shoot me your gamertags!


I live in Burbank. Is there a way we can get this group up and running?


I’d be down for this, I work in the burbank area sometimes.


Hey guys, I’ve been lookin for a local scene… I live in La Crescenta but work in Burbank, so I’d love to see something start up in the area.

XBL: SomeTromboneGuy
Hit me up here or on xbl


Hey I live in North Hollywood, so Burbank is only about 10-15mins away. I am also down for any sf4 casuals or local tourneys.
My XBL: MrMoodypants
Feel free to add me for casuals but just let me know your from srk =)


pasadena player here willing to travel, got some buddies too

we all play mahvel


Im in the Glendale area. Been trying to find people to play with is since none of my friends play.


im going to set up a bi weekly tournament in rosemead coming up soon. i will start it possibly next week.