Looking for players to form a team with in the 626

This is a call to any players in the 626, if you are interested in forming a team with myself and CraftyOmega. The games we will be focusing on will be Street Fighter 4 and HD, Tekken 6 (when its released of course), MvC2, and possible blazblue and or Guilty Gear. So anyone interested post up or message either me or CraftyOmega.

I like the sound of that sal_says. Yeah, so any player within the area wanting to get in, let us know. It will probably go from casuals to more experienced play.

Inquire within :chat:

how big is the team gonna be?

mvc2 player, i’m interested…

Were looking at a team of about 6 players.

Also, if you’re interested in joining, let us know what city you’re in so we can get an idea of how far you’ll need to travel to meet up.

I play SFIV and BB semi-competitively (well not Blazblue yet due to the fact the only tournaments being held are at FFA, which is like 2 hours drive :annoy:).

MvC2 I kinda know what I’m doing, I can somewhat hold my own at James Games, but it won’t be too hard to find a better socal MvC2 candidate than me :rofl:

But yea, I attend UCR and am currently living in Riverside, so hit me up if you’re interested. I think this will be fun.

teams? what do you mean
im getting back into marvel and i (unfortunely) play sf4
why the fuck did you make a new thread too

SFIV player here, im also interested in mvc2 and bb, but my main focus will be SFIV.

Holler at me.

IM IN LETS DO THIS…hopefully?

I’m from the Pasadena area, but I’m mad horrible at MvC2 and HDR.

theres already a 626 thread. post there