Looking for players to help me fail less at SFIV!



So, I’m just going to come right out with this; I suck at SFIV online, and that fact bothers me.

I play Cammy (or I try to), as well as Ryu (mostly because I picked the “karate guy” when I played SFII as a kid, and have stuck with him since), and I’d really like to learn to play them to their potential, as opposed to being a free win for people.

I’m not total trash (many times I have the correct tactic in my head, but fail to pull it off on some level or another), and against actually good players, while I more or less flop around like a dead fish, I do so violently enough to at least make them have to think a little. I know the terms (the majority of them, at least), I have an idea as to the techniques and strats, and as such I’m not so green as to waste your time.

My problem, really, is that I don’t really know anyone that plays SFIV, at least not at the level I’d like to play it at. I have a few friends who come over and button mash at me, which really doesn’t help, and that’s about it.

So, I decided to come to SRK and try to find a few good players who would be willing to play several (hundred?) matches with me over live and learn me on the finer points of SFIV, or at the very least give me the practice I so dearly need.

Also, no, I don’t have a joystick. I have the fightpad (vastly superior to the 360’s pad and layout), and HAD the limited edition stick, however, I ended up selling it because I was terrible with it. Decades of d-pad usage have left me conditioned to them, and I never really got into many arcades (there were none where I grew up), so the joystick was terribly foreign to me. I might as well have been playing with my feet.

Maybe, if I can get good enough to deserve one, I’ll pick another up.

So, anyone interested in helping a long time SF fan become a decent player?


:wonder: Check the [matchmaking] thread… dood!