Looking for pre-made cases

Since I don’t have a table saw and the guys at my home depot will not cut MDF for me in sizes smaller than 12x12, I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to provide me with a pre-made case, or make one for me.
I was looking at using Byrdo’s blueprint for mine, but if you have any premade cases I may be interested in those, too. Also, I don’t need holes drilled or anything, I have the tools for that. please send me a PM if you can help. Thanks!

Not sure if they’re still available for sale, but these seem to be almost what you are looking for. Might as well drop them an email and ask.

Awesome, thanks for the link.
Kind of makes my brand new drill and holesaw useless though. lol.

That site actually seems kind of iffy. I cant really see the case too clearly in the preview, but I see that it comes with acrylic and its pre-routed, so that is a bonus. I went ahead and ordered it, I’ll post how it turns out for me.

Wow, that’s the best image inlargement I’ve ever seen in my life. Who would think it would be so much easier to see a picture when it’s smaller ey? :rolleyes:

You know, there was someone on here selling pre-made cases. Guess I’m too late with that.

Those cases are great! Dion was going to start making them out of black malmine which will be nice but I think he has been busy. He has been remodeling his house and stuff. I haven’t talked to him since October.

You know, I was thinking it was my browser, but when I got to work and looked at it in IE and firefox for windows, it did the same thing. I’ll be sure to post bigger pictures when I get it.

kinda pricey IMO

those aniversary SF sticks go pretty cheap on ebay. You can slap any happs or p360 in there. Dont know about the sanwas.

I have already gone that route, and I have to say that it was not worth it.

why not? the SFAC stick is about $60 and so is that pre-made case except you could sell the sfac parts. By the way do sanwas fit in the SFAC stick?


Well, mainly because I think the case is big and ugly. For a happ case it’s decent I guess, but I wouldn’t put sanwa parts in it.

The Arcade Review cases are 2 for $60 so they are really only $30 each.

Yes, on the site it lists that the two for 60 deal is sold out, but he says he can make as many as needed. I thought he only had one left so I just bought one, but I’ll probably buy a couple more from him if they turn out alright. I trust spiffyshoes on this one.


You can get one for cheap and get some decent happ parts. I damn near try to break my happs everytime to play and it has yet to flicker once.

either you did your mod wrong or you used shitty parts.

besides I was probably one of the last people to get a red octane box. To bad they dont sell them anymore. I need a 2nd one. Im pretty sure that SFAC stick is no bigger than the red octane and the redoctane is the perfect size IMO. It could be a little bigger but not much more. They dont look that bad by the way and if you dont like the pictures that comes with it, you can always get a piece of thin fiberglass and put a picutre under that.

No, I used happ parts. the stick works fine, but I don’t like the case. even for a happ stick, its just way too big. I have about 5 of the red octane sticks that I will be working on, and I agree that they are just about the perfect size, but they are a lot smaller than the SFAC stick. Functionality was fine, and I gave it to a friend and he loved it, but it was not for me.

Hey guys I want that case mentioned but I only need one, and it doesn’t seem like it’s being sold anymore. Some guy mention he can make more? Is it $30 for one and if so who is the person on SRK that I should contact? I just emailed them on the ‘contact us’ though.

Just email the guy, he told me that he can make as many as meets demand. I’m not sure what the exact price is, but the case is PERFECT. Its smooth, ready to be assembled, and pre-routed for sanwa parts. I couldn’t be happier with mine, but if there is an alternative to premade cases, I’d be willing to check them out.

I just found out that the start buttons on the SFAC controller are the same size as the buttons I was looking for, if that is any use to anyone.

Well, I think it’s stupid the only option I have is buying 2 kits, like anyone would need 2 kits.