Looking for programmers interested in Fighting Game Making

as the title says

Im looking for programmers around here, I just want to know who you are and talk about the possibility of making a fighting game.

Everything of course is just vaporware , I would like to just talk about a possible project and maybe organize the software design for it.

I first need to finish this game I am working on my own , which honestly (at the current peace) will take me about a year to finish. (I have a blog maybe if you are interested you can check it out at http://xnafantasy.wordpress.com/ )

For starters my idea is to replicate some good 2D fighter at first and then make features based on popular demand.

for the graphics I dont see any other option but to use what it is available at the many sprite rips websites

And lastly I would like to aim such a project toward this community, hoping that maybe somebody will include such a game for tournament play

of course this will be freely available for anyone to download it to their pc and play!

i see XNA which means C# which means D:

I’ve been working on an engine that is now programmed in C# with an XNA assist. It’s at the point where a working fighter can be built with it but it was held up due to a lack of artwork. I’m against sprite rips myself because I’d like to be able to release whatever I make, not to make money, but to promote it and freely distribute it without ripping off other artists.

I’ve potentially got artists to work with now and am loading up their characters, which is a lot of fun. My goal is to flesh out their game, and also build my own private test game using rips to ensure that the gameplay elements I love can be recreated in the engine, and then open source it.

idk about xna, but C# is supposed to be like Java, which is easy to use.

I’m barely starting on my fighting game, diving into DirectX and C++ for the first time; it’s pretty rough.

If i ever do decide to make a game it’ll be with C++ and SDL with code::blocks as ma ide(probably usin MinGW to compile)

Never really done much game development (outside of some very simple stuff like breakout, scorched earth, etc.) but I’ve alwasy been interested in the possibility. I use Visual Studio at work and mostly work in VB.NET, but I’m reasonably familiar with C# and C++.

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Yes because they are both object oriented programming languages.

If you’re shooting multi-platform, you’ll wanna go Java. About one of the only things you’d run into is threading issues if you’re doing something multi-threaded as that can be OS-specific.

C# is much better if you’re just targeting Windows as Java’s interface and native graphics/GUI interfaces are slow as hell. It also works a bit better with XNA and .net frameworks for example.

Then again, I’m not a complete expert, just been programming for a few years.

What you exactly mean ?

do you have the engine and the tools ready and you only need to flesh out content?

or you have a low level wrapper where you can only need to start coding the game logic?

I’ve been checking out the image forum lately and over there are a lot of talented guys.

Having our own fighting game would be a lot of fun , I will be starting a thread about its design soon

AFAIK Java is quite slow for game applications, you should be aiming at C# instead

C++ its a lot of fun but the time you spend making wrappers for the low level stuff is huge unless your using lots of 3rd party libraries

This game sounds like fun already!

I have the engine almost ready, close enough that I have test characters loaded that can fight, but it’s missing things like netplay. As far as tools, the content that goes into the engine is defined with XML. It’s straight forward to add content. The only tool I’ve built for it so far is a simple one for lining up animations and saving them to the definition files since that can get tedious.

I’ve talked with a lot of great artists. The tough part is having someone put the time into building a complete character. It’s a ton of work. That’s why I have given up doing it myself. And there’s also the issue when someone with talent and a character, wants their character to have a dozen high powered special moves and be the strongest character to ever exist evah.

I don’t really care what the characters look like. I just want to be part of the creation of a solid fighter with a lot of appeal to a lot of people.

very nice man!

got anything you can show? Im interested

wut kinda games iz u making?