Looking for PS3 SE/TE PCB


My nephews stick board died because someone tried to fix, left it plugged into the PS3 and shorted the Vcc on the USB somehow.

need a new one. Anyone happen to have one?




I have one available! Whats your zip code? And how much are you looking to spend? Please let me know!




You could get a zero delay pcb from Amazon for $20, extremely easy to install and comes with all the wiring.


You can get them for as low as $11 on eBay, but shipping times suck if you go that route. Took me about 3 weeks to get mine, but I’ve got about a million projects and my stick refurb project for the ZDs is low on my cue, so no big deal for me.








have one for SE, will be shipping from 94509. PM me your offer if interested!