Looking for PSN Abel players

So, I’m looking for string Abel players to round out my friend list on PSN. I like to have at least 2 of every character main on my FL for training purposes. Anyone know some good Abel players that I can send an invite too. I’ll probably send a friend request to HAV if he gets a PS3, but I don’t think he has one right now.

And of course, feel free to challenge me. That’s not what this thread is about, BUT I know I’m gonna get challenges anyway so I might as well just ask for them.

I dont think HAV plays anymore, at least thats what he claims.

How far is jersey and japan lol

I remember Elord raping me up in a set a few months back. He’s great gat practice for Abels.

I’m pretty sure you’re already on my list.

I should be back in on SF4 next week. I’m probably going to Winter Brawl, so I’m gonna go in on my traditional one-week practice session.

LOL New Jersey! Just kidding, I’m Nikkowar, pleased to meet you :slight_smile:

hey Nikkowar can you add surgingfist to your psn (thats me) i want good abel practise.


*runs and hides

Yes sir!

you can add me psn= meanestrage, im not OD great but I can still give you a run for your money