Looking for psn guile for mirror matches

hey guys. i know there’s the “guile’s of psn” thread but it seems to be dead at this point. i left my psn there a long time ago and nothing came from it, so i decided to just make my own thread.
i’ve come to somewhat of a peak with my guile gameplay and i’d like to play with some other guile players and share ideas and whatnot. it takes me atleast a round to get acclimated when i play matches, but if anyone’s down for some sessions feel free to hit me up on psn. my psn name is the same as my name on here, BustyWallace :smokin:
or if you’d prefer that i hit YOU up instead just leave your psn. sessions won’t have to be strictly mirror matches, but i’m still interested in learning how other people play guile.

thanks, hope to see yall soon. :tup:

you can try against me, doubt the connection will be very good, but try anyways if you want. peace.

add me

Add me please.

thanks for the replies guys. adding yall right now.