Looking for PSN Sakura players

Just wanna round out my FL on PSN with a couple of good Sakura’s or two. Anyone know of some strong ones on PSN that I can send friend requests to? Feel free to challenge me as well. Always up for a good fight

. . . iiiiiiiif only i had a ps3 :confused: sry man.

im up for some casuals

psn: obey562

i thought you quit obey

I wouldn’t say i’m particularly good but EdwardTheThird on PSN if you’re up for a game sometime.

Add me if youd like to play some PSN = Gawaran

I’m down for some matches

i also need sakura practice i will be sending you guy friend request

ebenezer_good - you can add me, but my net’s been most rubbish for the last 2 months, but hopefully it should be getting fixed soon.

I’m not that great a player, and due to my net troubles and rl distractions I’m massively rusty and in need of some practice myself, lol, but feel free to add me.

Hopefully I’ll have a decent connection sorted in time for super.

thefrogking2208 Once I get working sticks I’ll be back on the circuit! Always open for casual matches :slight_smile: I just hope the connection will at least be 3…3 isn’t too much to ask for Capcom!!!

You can add me. I’ll be getting Super for Ps3 and Xbox360.

If you guys are still looking for more Sakura players Ruisu107 is ready.

Add: Ruisu107 (just let me know that its for sakura training).