Looking for Qanba Q4

Im in the market to buy a Qanba q4. havent been able to find any retailers that have them in stock. If anyone is willing to sell one. hit me up on here, or send me a PM

Play-asia will have them soon.

^ what is soon. like in a few days?

More stock is expected to come on Jun 23, 2011.

Copied and pasted from play-asia.com**

ohh sweet thank you

No problem, I just ordered one of their last one’s they had saturday. I can’t wait to get it.

I would buy from Play-Asia but I don’t wanna sell my car to pay for the shipping

Focusattack.com scrub

Focus attack is also sold out, and they sell the stick for 149.99 with about 30-40 dollar shipping, so it evens out. Same price no matter what. My order was 187.80 USD, and i got more expensive shipping through UPS, and had a 5 dollar coupon code from an SRK member.

the shipping from focus attack is 30-40??? if it is then isnt it almost the same price to get it from play asia


No, shipping from FADC.com is, assuming it’s going to somewhere in the USA should be under $20.

That’s hard for me to believe. Shipping prices are outrageous these days.

And either way, It’s still no more than a 10-20 dollar difference. Not huge, especially if you are tired of waiting.

I had one of these pre-ordered that I canceled due to delays but the shipping was set to be $12.35. If shipping USPS Parcel post then it isn’t actually that expensive. I’ve personally sold several joysticks here and shipping even for the heavy ones was never more than $16.

so it would be about $163 dollars from FADC, that’s not bad. But still not far off from play-asia’s price, if you get the cheap shipping, obviously they can’t use USPS, since they are located out of Hong-Kong. A 20 dollar difference isn’t terrible, especially if the OP doesn’t want to wait anymore lol.

Aren’t these Qanba Q4’s just modded HRAP VX SA’s (or V3 SA’s for PS3). Look at the molding on the Q4, almost identical. The only major difference is the dual mod, and cord cabinet on the side, but I’ve heard of sketchiness in other areas such as the mic port.

They’re a great deal for what you get: All Sanwa, dual modded out-the-box, handle, side cord compartment, nice construction… for 150 plus shipping? Sounds good to me.

I just got mine in the mail today, and it’s beautiful! It’s a quality piece of equipment. If you want to know anything about it just let me know!

anyone interested in a bulk order?