Looking for really good Akumas to spar with

I main Fei Long and eversince I’ve reached SG rank, my skill just went all the way down lol…it’s so hard to find any matches now and most people are too busy w/ championship mode themselves to get player matches in. So yeah, I haven’t really been able to keep myself sharp for over the past couple of months…as of late, I’ve been screwing around and just playing mostly scrubby to mediocre players in player and ranked matches. It wasn’t until I ran into Iperfectlegend’s Akuma that I realized I have really poor knowledge of this matchup…I got raped pretty bad. I’m talking about kara raging demons, st. HK combos, tatsu cross up, vortex, etc. Anybody care to spar with me so I can get some practice in? I’m hoping to go to Final Round and I need all the practice I can get.

I’m down…Send me a fried request on live.