Looking for really good players to practice against on GFWL


I’m looking for good GFWL players in Europe to play against, I’m struggling to level up when I can only play them once in ranked and whenever I search endless all I find are players using low level tactics like spamming jump ins which I already feel more than comfortable fighting against.

I probably won’t be on the top of my game because I’m looking to improve and that involves trying things I’m not completely comfortable with yet, I’m not really concerned with winning at this point, just improving.

Oh and I don’t mean to offend anyone but please don’t respond if you play characters like Fuerte or C.Viper, it’s not that I have anything against these characters, I just feel that it’s harder to develop versatile fundamentals against them that will work on the rest of the cast.

I’m really looking to get my ass kicked so I am forced to adapt and notice my bad habits.

My gamertag is H0rr0r Sc0pe so add me if you feel like playing, I’d appreciate you responding to this thread too though.


sure i’ll play since i suck too.
my juri is practically crippled by now from receiving so many beatings.


Sorry but I’m looking to play really good players, and if you self admittedly suck
then that won’t force me to adapt to higher level tactics which is what I’m really
looking for.


What level is “good”?

E: And why didn’t you respond to my PM :frowning:


What part of europe? What character do you play? What does really good mean? I’m interested but I’m not sure if I will be able to provide the “ass kicking” you want.


Sorry I read it then completely forgot about it lol.
I don’t know how to really describe good, so although how
flawed PP can be as a skill assessment I’ll say 3000pp+

I’m really looking for someone to completely maul me
as I figure if I can eventually start not getting completely
destroyed then this will make fighting weaker players much

Well I’m in the UK, I usually end up playing people in the same nation, Germans, French and some other weird flag which I have no clue as to what country it represents, and experience little lag against these.

I main Akuma and I’m basically looking for the biggest ass kicking I can get so the greater the player the better really. I’m at about 1700pp at the moment but a lot of my losses are from stupid mistakes on my part, so I usually do pretty decently against low 2000pps too.


Well my PP differentiates between 500-4000 points…currently is 3100 something

And by the way BP>PP




I often find myself beating many high BP players and high
PP players being a more accurate representation of if someone
is better than me or not for the most part.

And not to sound rude but which of the two of you has the higher PP?
I don’t mean to sound ungrateful to either of you I’m just looking for the
biggest ass kicking I can get and PP seems to be the easiest way to
tell who will give me that.


I have lower PP than you do (or at least did at some point before you dropped). I’m bad. Fight the Brony ^-^


I don’t know why I’m doing so badly lately, I was at 2400pp not too long ago and maintaining it, hopefully
I can figure out what’s costing me matches lately lol.

EDIT: It just dawned on me I completely forgot to state which platform I play on.

I don’t pay for gold subscription anymore so playing on xbox is not an option, I don’t suppose you have AE on GFWL do you Lion?




Just added you on GFWL. If I’m on, we can do a few matches


for this reason (3k+ pp ) you’ll never play againts for example " Sako " ( pro jap player ) that on xbox live has 0pp/0bp…

what i mean ? that some player have low points but really really good skill, footage,executions, ect etc.

it’s only my opinion.


I know PP isn’t a perfect indicator but unless someone has some other proof or assessment of their own
skill level it’s the best option.

Ok cool, what’s your PP if you don’t mind me asking?


playing ranked matches makes you worry much more about your PP and BP than the actual game.
Do you use only one specific character?
Do you want to play against opponents who use one character well or do you want them to switch characters between matches so as to adapt to more opponents? I do the second mostly.

I’ll have you in mind. I may not play well but I play fair. 850 pp but I stopped taking ranked seriously and sometimes I beat higher ranked players if that says anything


i think we played already on PC AE right? tag is “blado0or” from germany, playing mainly adon and rufus


I can’t say the name rings a bell, was it a while ago?

It depends really, if you play so many characters does that mean you play them at a fairly low level? Because to be honest I don’t really have trouble fighting any specific characters that are using low level tactics and my goal is to play against someone who uses high level tactics so I can improve my overall game/fundamentals.


petran79 says a lot of very strange things. I’m fairly sure he isn’t good.


Not all good player have high PP/BP but on the other hand very few bad ones have a lot PP Therefore it may be okay to ask for 3k PP players if he wands to improve.