Looking for Recommendations


I’m looking for a new series to get into, as I haven’t been in the mainstream comic environment for a long time.

Basically, I’m looking for something well written, and not necessarily story driven (i’m a big fan of character development). That being said, I’m not adverse to reading a kick-ass storyline! Something that has excitement and story, y’know?

My favourites from the past have been Cerebus The Aardvark, The Sandman, Sin City, Watchmen (I’ve read quite a bit of Alan), and Naruto.

I was looking at starting something like ‘New X-Men’ or ‘Ultimate X-Men’. Any help?
I should also point out I’m not interested in reading manga. Something preferably non-asian.

Thanks SRK.

Check out Alias by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. It’s basically a 28-issue epic character study of a woman, who has powers but works as a private investigator, in the Marvel Universe. And it’s rated R. (Has nothing to do with the TV show named Alias.)

New X-Men by Grant Morrison is a great read. So is X-Force/X-Statix by Peter Milligan, Mike Allred, and friends. I think those would be right up your alley according to what you mentioned. Comics that are particularly well-crafted and concerned with form as well as being entertaining stories and presenting fascinating characters.

Between New X-Men and Ultimate X-Men, I personally recommend New X-Men by Grant Morrison.
If you’re up for it, read Supreme; Alan Moore wrote stories for this series (which is collected in TPBs btw). His run on it was like his version of classic Superman stories.
Another series of note is All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison, considered one of the best Superman series to date (it’s also out of continuity so all you need to know about Supes is the basic stuff).

If you want to read more X-Men, my recommended reading list/order is as follows-
1- New X-Men by Grant Morrison
2- Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon
3- Messiah CompleX story arc

Mind you that these ‘set up’ the recent events that have occured in the X Books lately. I’ll list more series if you want.
Hope I’ve helped ^_^;

Anything from Johnatan Hickman (Fantastic Four Secret Warriors Shield)
Agent of Atlas
Guardians of the Galaxy
for team-based books

for x-titles either Morrison New-X men or Whedon Astonishing X men

Thanks, guys. I really appreciate all the help. It looks like New X-Men is really one to look out for.

Know that I think about it; I should have mentioned that anything I have iehter read and or watched of Whedon’s, I’ve enjoyed.

Thanks again guys.


Is this true? Should I first read the ‘New X-Men’ series, and then conitnue with ‘Astonishing X-Men’?

Yeah. New X-Men is a revelation. There’s no other X-Men like it. Astonishing X-Men isn’t really a spiritual successor to New X-Men, but it does take most of the New X-Men cast and tell some solidly entertaining and well-written stories with them.

And this ‘New X-Men’ is what takes place during the regular ‘X-Men’ series, not to be confused with the ‘New X-Men’ that consists of younger team members.

The New X-Men we’re talking about is the 2001 series written by Grant Morrison; Marvel’s a bit odd with naming their series, so to answer your question, yes!
In 1991, marvel launched a new X-Book simply titled ‘X-Men’, in 2001, the book was retitled to ‘New X-Men’ (marketing decision, just leave it as that). After Morrison left the book, it was retitled as ‘X-Men’ again. Recently the book was retitled yet again as ‘X-Men Legacy’.

EDIT: Oh and to reply to your question about Astonishing X-Men; I should’ve mentioned that you can read Astonishing X-Men without having read New X-Men, and still understand and enjoy it ^_^;

Correct. New X-Men follows the issue numbering that began with the early '90s Jim Lee X-Men title. So the first issue of New X-Men is actually New X-Men #114. Here’s the first TRADE, BABY: Amazon.com: New X-Men, Vol. 1 (9780785132516): Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Ethan Van Sciver, Leinil Francis Yu, Igor?


Invincible Iron Man by Matt Fraction
Captain America by Ed Brubaker
Cosmic Marvel (IMO they all rocked except for Annihilation Conquest)


All Star Superman
Batman & Robin
Green Lantern
Booster Gold
Justice League: Generation Lost

Thanks again for the help, SRK. I decided to order the first volume of New X-Men (containing the first 12 issues). I’ll hopefully enjoy that and when I’m finished with the other two books, I’ll move onto Astonishing X-Men.

Oh i almost forgot
JMS’ The Brave and The Bold on of DC SSS tiers books ATM (with batman and robin and green lantern)
they’re all one shoots so you shouldnwt have any problems picking it up (any of them)

^Just to elaborate-
The Brave and the Bold is a comic book series from DC. It is currently being written by JMS. Each issue is for the most part, stand alone and stars at least 2 random DC comics characters doing super hero stuff and such. They have some pretty nice character moments too.

I didn’t even know a new series was out, might hunt for these when I go this week. JMS and character team-up’s, that sounds amazing.

The walking dead by robert kirkman is awesome, IF you want something story driven with a very deep plot thats thought invoking you cant go wrong with it. Invincible by Kirkman is ok but ive never really gotten into it.

Other then that I just read everything green lantern.