Looking For Recommendations

So I’ve been addicted to SFIV recently and decided to purchase some new fighting games for the ol’ 360 to make use of the MadCatz SE.

So my question to you guys are, are games like DOA4 and VF5 worth it?

Thanks for the help before hand.

No if you like to learn stuff but yes if you don’t like to learn stuff, and yes if you like to learn stuff but no if you don’t like to learn stuff, respectively. Looopdeeloop. :angel:

I hate 3d fighters. Get KoF or CvS2 maybe SF anthology or Arcana heart 2.

If you like good graphics, fighting in traffic and hitting people into cars, ninjas, halo, and being surprised how many girls like to play your fighting game then you’ll like DOA4.

If you’re more into the technical aspects and online play then you’ll like VF5.

But if you are a starwars, swords and hacking things fan then you’ll like SC4.

is he buyin u a present

c outlaw vf5 is good with not bad netcode (similar to sf4), but you might have trouble finding a lot of people to play.

If you like netplay, avoid this like the plague though. lol

Oh yeah, no one mentioned Battle Fantasia. That’s kinda fun.

I’ve been wanting to try that out – I wish the characters were a little more mature like BB in design (especially the rabbit).

Then again if you really, really, like netplay there is no substitute for ggpo (at least not for me anyways).

Get into BlazBlue and Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2 (S!AH2 is hitting PS2 next week and BB will be on PS3/360 late June)

And there ya got the top three 2D fighters atm

June 25th I quit everything else. :wgrin:

Then spam Sega with VF5R requests and hope that T6:BR port would be arcade perfect for X360 and have a good net-code. Now, you are all set.

By the way, a lot of 2D games have been and are going to be released this year.

That’s the thing, I have a 360. So my options are severely limited. I’ve played BlazBlue at CF but well, it’s not coming out till the summer and I need something else other than SF to hold me off. I own CvS2 for the PS2 but I don’t have a stick for it so playing fighters tend to, well, suck ass.

get SF anniversary edition and play 3s! Or try out that obscure game Battle Fantasia.

I agree with 3s, I picked it up at gamers a few weeks ago. Also any ROM’s you happen to come across, I think the SE stick should work with a PC no problem.

Tekken 6 and BB are gonna be hype.

Don’t forget King of Fighters XII as well.Its gonna have more characters and a robust online mode, so def. worth checking out.

Yes, I use the SE stick with MAME.

Anyway, so there isn’t much I can play now besides 3S huh? I tried Battle Fantasia at a friends house and hardly anyone was online. That sucks.

BlazBlue and KOFXII (PS3 and 360 this summer), Guilty Gear (PS2), Tekken 6 this fall on PS3

Get Battle Fantasia and VF5.

Finally a clear answer. Thank you.

I know about KOFXII and BB but they aren’t out yet. How am I supposed to get them? I was talking about games I can actually get my hands on.