Looking for Roomate

Hey guys -

I’m currently looking for a roommate for Evo that’s 21+. Because I’m 18, I can’t book a room yet.
Let me know if you are interested.

I have a spot open for anyone that is interested in staying at the Rio with out paying the full price…
Who needs a place to stay For Evo Hit me up… Must be at least 21 and also there will 3 others including myself so You might end up sleeping at a sofa depending how the rooms are… the Price of the Stay is 388.00 for thursday-sunday checking out sunday morning so we will split it 4 ways around… PM if interested Fosho


Hey I replied to your other post but in case you didn’t get it I’d be interested! I’m 21 and I live in Valencia, CA so lemme know if the room is still available! Hit me up here, on facebook at facebook.com/picard4 or email me at angoodman@ucdavis.edu!

I might be interested, I’m 21. I’m from so cal so if you live near there we could maybe ride together.

I just reserved a 2 queen bed room at the Rio through the Evo discount. I check in on Wed, 7/27 and I’m checking out monday morning 8/1. Your half would $305 for all 5 nights or if you want to stay from thursday and checking out monday morning it would be $265. I’m a 31 straight male, paramedic from Philly. Just looking to save some cash by splitting a room. Send me a pm if you are interested.


I might hit you up about this,i am still on the fence about going but if you keep this updated if/when you find someone i’ll check back when i know for sure.

If other members of my crew don’t come with me to Evo, I definitely want to look into this. I’ll keep you posted. I would only be there from Thursday to Monday.

I’ve got another thread started, but if anyone is interested, we’re looking for a 4th buddy to split the cost. Wednesday to Monday would cost ya 190$ or Thursday to Monday would run you 160$. Let me know! :slight_smile:

I am looking for a roommate as well. Staying at the Rio Grande Hotel checking in thursday and staying till Monday. Depending on how many people join the room you could be paying $130 to $265 dollars for the whole 4 days. The room is a standard size room with a king size bed. Hit me up on a pm or reply back in this thread I try to check it a lot in case of any updates.

Just sent you a message. Interested :slight_smile:

PM’d. I’m 25 and clean, also I’m a graphic design student.

PM’d… I’m most def interested if it still stands

Looking for a room at the Rio. I play mvc3 mk9 cvs2 ssfiv and blazblue. So if you need any practice or tips for playing let me know. i also provide free room wi-fi. Message me. I’m male 25. Can reach me at ffxitaruwaru for aim and for MSN just add @hotmail.com.