Looking for roomates or someone to split the cost for Evo


Hey. Planning to go to evo. Anyone out there in the So cal area or nearby who wouldnt mind an extra person going or I can tag along. Let me know. Either way I can help, just message me!

Looking for roommate for Evo to help splits the cost?

Hey man I’m coming from SoCal, theres currently two of us, a non gaming brother might join, and we are staying at Imperial Palace. We only have Friday and Saturday booked, so the total was around 150 for two beds. We plan on staying through the finals, but we dont have passes. If this helps you out at all let me know.


I’m going through AZ but I’m still looking for roommates. We were looking at Excalibur cause its cheap as hell and on the strip so anyone interested PM me about it please.


So how much do you guys plan on spending for the room? PM me for details, I might be interested.


Hey I wouldn’t mind splitting a room with you for Evo. You can reach me here or xbl gt karasjet srk with the details. I’m at work now so I’ll pm you when I get home.


Definetely. Send me a message and we’ll split the cost. contact me Mageneto’s son…


i might be interested chunkzer