Looking for roommate for evo at LVH


Look for single roommate. Room is single king bed, non smoking. Must be clean and quiet (no snoring). No console setups. Just using room to sleep.

Price is $200 in cash. Must PM me before sunday to work things out.


I have a room at the Clarion hot just down the street from the Hilton. I have two king sized beds and a couch. I had a travelocity code that gave me a good deal…same pricr for the double king as it was for a single queen. Ill let multiple people stay, hook up consoles, bring back hookers whatevet I don’t care I just want to have fun.

20 bucks a night.

PM, or find me on GameFaqs. I am a regular on the fighting game blard, board 208. I am level 36, ancient. So you know I’m legit.

I just made a account to try and fill up the room, but I’m not a scammer, PM me, we can talk.

20 bucks a night is just enough to feed me, plus I’ve wanted to go to EVO for years. So if I can help out others than cool.


With mine you get your own bed and console setup…for 20 bucks…sorry man, you lose.


That’s cute.

Do you compete in rooms because you can’t compete in games?